– Share information about yourself with the help of free dynamic QR-codes

This web-site is a part of a free QR-codes creating service. We invite you to place any information on our service and get the link to the information as a QR-code. At the present moment you are on the web page which is designed for introducing the information about yourself. Also we invite you to enter the information into the following categories: – you can place information here about your dog and get the link to that info as a QR-code which you can place on the collar of your four-legged friend; – here you can introduce information about any of your pets and also get a QR-code with the link to the information; – this domain is aimed for placing any information which doesn’t fit to the previously mentioned categories.

A QR-code has two main advantages. It is pretty small in size and one can extract the information from it with the help of a smartphone’s camera combined with free software. If we place in a QR-code a link to a web-page then the extraction of the link with a smartphone will save us from typing the link with our hands. Considering that web-links are often comprised of a long set of symbols, the possibility of getting such a link automatically and opening it in the smartphone’s browser seems to be very attractive.

The fact that a QR-code does not contain the information itself but only a link to the information which is represented on the Internet gives us another advantage, the advantage of editing the information. Let's say for example you decided to make your own QR-code and you placed it on your business card. Now if your data is changed you needn’t reprint all of your business cards you only have to change the information under the link encoded in the QR-code.

You can place a QR-code with your information on a business card or on a résumé, Or you can place it on any of your belongings to show that the object belongs to you. These are just some few examples of QR-codes’ usage, no doubt that there are many other variants of their use. The area of implementing QR-codes is limited only by your own imagination!

To create your own dynamic QR-code open the following link:
Free online dynamic QR-codes generator with tracking of scannings

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